Lift, Eat, Live!






Seafood is my absolute favourite, I love everything from cod to mussels to jellyfish! I’m always looking to experiment with flavours when it comes to fish so definitely watch this space for some delicious dishes.






These dishes range from some really succulent meats to drier and crispier meats but still with loads of flavours. My favourite meat is ostrich, what is yours?






Eggs are my favourite thing to have for breakfast, I have two full eggs and three egg whites pretty much every day. If I’m in a rush I’ll have it scrambled but I love them poached. There are just so many ways to cook egg!






You can never eat too many veggies, they definitely take up at least 60% of my diet. There is such a variety of vegetables, it’s important to eat the rainbow.





Treats and Deserts

Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. The best thing about these recipes is that care has been taken to ensure there is some health benefit to them. Respect your body and don’t eat empty calorie foods.






Look here if you fancy a cold fruit smoothie in the summer whilst taking a stroll in the countryside or perhaps a warm and fulfilling drink in the winter to keep you snug under the blankets.